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Rocky Schenck has written and directed over 150 music videos, working with artists ranging from Adele, Alice In Chains, The Cramps, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey to Alison Krauss, Robert Plant, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Gloria Estefan, Van Halen, and Donna Summer. Click on the following link to view: VIDEOS

ADELE  “HOMETOWN GLORY”  To view Schenck’s original shooting script and shot list, click on the following link:  ADELE

NICK CAVE  &  KYLIE MINOGUE  “WILD ROSES”   To view original storyboards drawn by Schenck, click on the following link: ROSES

ALICE IN CHAINS   “THEM BONES”    To view Schenck’s original concept and drawings, click on the following link: BONES

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Rocky Schenck on Independent Movie Data Base:  IMDB




A disoriented woman searches for her cheating lover in exotic locations around Los Angeles. The man marries the delusional woman, who arrives at her wedding dressed as Nefertiti. At the ceremony, the husband surprises his bride with a celebration of betrayal and humiliation, assisted by his recent lovers and his guests. Written, directed, and photographed by Rocky Schenck, starring Bill Paxton. Produced by Rocky Schenck and Bill Paxton, the film can be viewed in three parts on YouTube, and also short clips on Rocky’s Instagram. Please click on the following link to view part one: THE EGYPTIAN PRINCESS

Three eccentric women live together in a rambling gothic mansion, which they rarely leave. Bored with each other and hungry for entertainment, they invite an innocent young woman to come live with them. Through psychological games and absurd behavior, the women proceed to drive the girl insane. Starring Mimi Rogers. Written and directed by Rocky Schenck, this film will be completed in the next decade.

DreamSequenceMontage2DREAM SEQUENCE

A journey into the nightmare of a paranoid schizophrenic, running from buried memories, humiliating betrayals, and herself.  Written, directed and photographed by Rocky Schenck.

Click this link to view: DREAM SEQUENCE