Schenck has written and directed over 150 music videos, working with artists ranging from Adele, Alice in Chains, The Cramps, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey to Alison Krauss, Robert Plant, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Gloria Estefan, Van Halen, and Donna Summer. Click on the following link to view: VIDEOS
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ADELE “HOMETOWN GLORY” To view Schenck’s original shooting script and shot list, click on the following link: adele

MUSICvideoMONTAGE_2 redo

ADELE “HOMETOWN GLORY” For behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the video, click the following link: ADELE


NICK CAVE & KYLIE MINOGUE “WILD ROSES” To view original storyboards drawn by Schenck, click on the following link: ROSES


ALICE IN CHAINS “THEM BONES” To view Schenck’s original concept and drawings, click on the following link: BONES